Book Publishing

Prolance works one on one with each selected author to accomplish the following:

Manuscript editing
After an author submits their original manuscript there is an editing process that, if applicable, involves content and technical editing (grammar, spelling and punctuation). Major content changes, additions, or eliminations are made only in coordination with the author. There is a final approval given by the author before the files go to the printer.
 Cost: Publisher flat fee $500

After the manuscript is polished and ready, Prolance, in coordination with the author, will seek out and hire a third party illustrator. Prolance will draft an illustrator agreement and facilitate all contact with the hired illustrator. Prolance will prepare an illustrator packet outlining any needs or ideas of the author.
Cost: Based on the author's budget (can range from $400-$3,000)

Prolance can provide an official copyright from the United States Library of Congress for the book in the name of the Author.
Cost: (optional) $170

Isbn and barcode
Prolance will do the registration process and provide the book with a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and barcode.
Cost: $150

Publisher will hire a third party printer to print the number of copies desired by the author and suitable for proper distribution.
There are two options when it comes to printing. Either bulk printing or print on demand.
Cost: Print on demand set up fee: $120
Ordering books from print on demand printer (optional): about $4 paperback or $6-7 hardcover each plus shipping

Bulk printer - estimate for 1,000 paperback: $2,500 or 1,000 hardcover: $4,500

Storage & Fulfillment
Cost: 15% royalty fee applied to sales for a customized limited time
Publisher is responsible for receiving and storing books and shipping out orders to customers, if applicable.

Cost: Included in publisher flat fee
Publisher will set up a marketing campaign to promote the book according to the Author’s needs. This includes, but is not limited to:
Organizing a book tour within and around the Author’s home city consisting of up to 5 author book readings/signings/events with agreement from the Author as to the dates and times. Spreading a launch poster on social media, writing and sending out a press release to applicable media contacts and bookstores. Book will be displayed for sale at all Publisher booth sales and events as long as inventory allows.

Cost: 15% royalty fee applied to sales for a customized limited time
Publisher will set up an account with a major distributor who will list the book on,,, Barnes and Noble, Chapters & Indigo, and other book retailers, if applicable.
Each project is customizable.
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“Prolance was able to help bring my dream to life, with little to no stress on my end. Like many people, I knew that I wanted to publish a book but had no idea where to even start. From my first meeting with Angie, I was given a very clear idea of what would be done, what would be my responsibility and what would be Prolance’s, and what the next steps would be. The only thing that came as a surprise was the day Angie let me know the book was complete and ready for printing. I had no idea it would be so quick and I would be holding my vision in my hands so soon. I highly recommend Prolance for anyone who wants a stress free publishing experience” - Keila Kaci - Author of Did Musa St-St-Stutter Too?.

"Working with Prolance has been an excellent experience. Angie is honest, reliable, organized, and incredibly patient. Since this was my first children’s book, I asked questions constantly, and she always responded the same day with very detailed information, and with kindness. Every aspect of my book turned out better than I imagined. The whole process was a fun experience for my family and I, and it was particularly special (and a surprise) for my children to see their pictures illustrated on the cover. on any future books as well!" - Suzana Derani - Author of The Quran My Best Friend. 

"Prolance is flexible in working with clients' schedules and prompt in their responses. Through their work ethic and experience, we received a product we were extremely satisfied with. They have the knowledge and values that are so crucial in editing books and short stories," Sahar Abdel Aziz - Creator of Islam4families.

"Prolance turned a small volunteer writing opportunity into a website that had acquired a life of its own and was able to adhere to specific instructions regarding style and format in record time," Hisham Elkhatib - Creator of MuslimReviewOnline.

"When I decided to write my first children’s book I knew right away that I wanted it to be published through Prolance due to their highly reputed level of professionalism and flexible working style. I am happy to say that my instincts were correct and for the past year they have been an absolute pleasure to work with... I definitely recommend anyone looking to publish their book to consider them for their project. They really do everything possible to accommodate their clients' needs and wishes while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and mutually beneficial working relationship!” Hosai Mojaddidi, Author, Clear the Path: A Rhyme Book on Manners for Little Muslims.

"My experience with Prolance Publishing has been nothing short of wonderful. Considering that I'm based in South Africa and Prolance is in the US I was initially concerned about the logistics of communication however was pleasantly surprised to find how easy the process was. From the point of submission, to editing, book cover design and layout to actually getting a printed copy of the book, Angie was professional, efficient and reassuring. I would highly recommend Prolance as this is truly a company that is founded on a strong ethos of delivering quality service of your draft into a finished project and sent out to distributors.  I am lucky to have worked with Prolance to help make my dream a reality," Ayesha Desai- Author of Jasmine in the Wind.

"Angie is consistent, organized, punctual and gets things done. She’s patient with requests and easy to communicate with. I recommend Prolance Publishing to anyone in need of reliable and efficient publishing," Mariam Saad - Author of Trilingual Sofia

"It was wonderful working with Prolance. Angie was incredibly professional, responsive, and patient with the numerous revisions I requested. As this was my first book, relying on her expertise from start to finish was essential to the success of the book. I look forward to working with Prolance again in the future," Dr. Osman Umarji - Author of The Chronicles of Bani Israil.

"I’ve been wanting to publish a children’s book for a good while now and thankfully, an author pointed me to Prolance Publishing. Prolance made my journey to publish very easy. In fact, they work with you with every step of the way and their prices are definitely affordable, because they offer options that will fit your needs. They also have great connections with many talented illustrators that will work with your budget. I highly recommend this awesome publishing company" - Farah Elmoudani - Author of Bilal and Mr. Shells.

"Working with Prolance was the perfect mix between self publishing and the experience of a traditional publisher. They made sure that as an author I had full creative say, while taking care of all of the grunt work involved with publishing. Prolance paved a path for my book to embody my vision, but with a professional touch," - Helal Musleh, Author of Nightly News with Safa.

"...professional, honest, timely, organized, committed, and hardworking. As well as kind and humble who truly gives all that she has to offer. Without Prolance, I would not have been able to publish my book as successfully as I did. Prolance respects and understands the writer's work as creative talent and she makes sure to preserve the artist's talent and integrity. Truly a blessing to work with," Mariam Al-Kalby - Author of The Prophet Says Series.

"I truly enjoyed working with Prolance. Their promptness as well as their savvy and professional advice is helping me achieve my dream," Nayera Salam - Author of Kids Books by Nayera.

"Upon meeting for the very first time, to the end of my journey, Prolance has remained consistent, reliable, and ethically sound. I am blessed to have worked with Prolance, and very satisfied with the end results," Samia Khan - Author of The Shapes of Eid.

"I would highly recommend Prolance for anybody looking to publish their project. Prolance is very professional, timely and will do all the behind the scenes work into making your project a reality. They are very easy to deal with and responsive. They will help and guide you to turn your draft into a finished project and sent out to distributors.  I am lucky to have worked with Prolance to help make my dream a reality," Dr. Erum Sethi - Author of A is for Ankle.

"I had the pleasure of working with Prolance with the publishing of my debut children’s book. I received invaluable and outstanding support from Prolance and especially Angie El Sherif. Prolance is efficient with getting all the details sorted and the process was quick and hassle-free. I am so glad that I chose Prolance to take care of my project and do not hesitate to recommend them," Amina Kara - Author of The Very Curious Tiger.

"The task to find a publisher that appreciated my vision and allowed me full control of the creative process was daunting. So needless to say when I began the process I was leery that my ideas would be changed and I would lose my voice in the process; having finished work that I would ultimately not recognize. Working with Prolance/ Angie has been such a blessing, however, and I was so glad that I was able to work with a true professional. She guided me through the process, explained every question in detail and allowed me to bring my dream to life. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and I most certainly look forward to working with her again in the near future," Halimah Bashir - Author of Paradise is Oh So Nice.