“And do not walk on the earth proudly.” Quran
Mel the millipede collected one thousand shoes.
They were his prized jewels.
He wore them and walked around with his head held high.
He looked proud and arrogant as he passed by.
The other bugs warned him of his obsession.
Snail told him that humbleness is more important than fashion.
When Mel was in trouble trying to save his shoes from a flood,
Moth flew to his rescue and they became buds.
Mel learned to appreciate friends more than elegance.
And that being grateful is better than arrogance.

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Sneak Peek

The Author
Somayeh Zomorodi was born in Iran and spent most of her childhood in her grandfather`s garden among colorful flowers and trees. Adventure games and the world of imagination gave her a happy childhood. She was later inspired by that and wanted to share this childish pleasure to not only her lovely three children but all the children of the world.

She has a bachelor`s degree in English literature and a master`s degree in Translation studies and is teaching and doing research in the field of children`s literature.

She wishes for all children to have happy and safe childhoods. She dreams to create big smiles on their faces and wisdom through her stories and poems.

The Illustrator
Niloofar Boroumand was born in Tehran in 1987. She has a bachelor's degree in graphics and 10 years of experience in illustrating children's books.
She has been very interested in painting since she was a child and has always known she wanted to do that as her career.