Sahar Sabry Abdel-Aziz was born in Alexandria, Egypt and raised in New York City. She graduated with a B.A degree with a major in Business and a minor in Islamic Studies. After receiving her B.A she moved to California and proceeded to work toward her Masters degree. She received her Masters in Business Administration in California. Sahar worked as an international banker and auditor in an international bank.

She later got married and had three children. She and her husband wanted to raise their children and educate them in an Islamic manner. So they enrolled them at New Horizon School in Los Angeles. Even though this school was a one-hour drive away from their house she was committed to having her children learn Islam, Arabic, and most importantly, to be in an Islamic environment. She also found an opportunity to develop the Islamic curriculum at the school at the same time.

Now that her children are grown, she hopes to share the experiences she gained raising three Muslim children in America with other parents around the country.
I want to thank my parents Mr. Sabry Abdel‐Aziz and Mrs. Azima Hamad Abdel‐Aziz who worked very hard to instill in my twin sister, Samar, and I love for Islam, even when there were few Muslims around and for teaching me the importance of Islam, my husband Dr. Hani Soliman for giving me the opportunity to do this project, and my sister Samar for her generosity.

Additionally, I have to thank my children Hadeer, Siraj, and Janna. Because of them I was put in a situation where I had to come up with creative Islamic learning activities that are fun and creative. I would also like to thank my nephews, Zakarea and Dean, who participated in this project as well.

And last but not least I would like to thank the children at New Horizon Elementary School, Los Angeles who I worked with for three years and was able to test my ideas on.

I thank God and ask him to reward my family for our intention and may God bless us all.


Proceeds of sales will go to an Islamic educational institution.