Sofia's Mexican relatives, who are not Muslim, get to experience a day in Ramadan - the Islamic month of fasting. Together, they enjoy a day filled with a cultural blend of decorations, foods, games, and languages.

Book 2 brings back some of the Spanish words from Book 1, and teaches thirty more, including their meanings in Arabic!

Large, Hardcover Picture Book

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About the Author:
Mariam Taher Saad was raised in Southern California by Egyptian parents. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton. She worked at the family business for many years, with schools locally, and taught 8th Grade English abroad for three years. Soon after becoming a mother, she began her journey in story writing. Through the Trilingual Sofia book series, she hopes to inspire her readers to learn different languages, and to be proud of their multilingualism.
Instagram: @trilingualsofia

About the Illustrator:
Chaymaa Sobhy is a children's book illustrator based in Cairo, Egypt.
Instagram: @chaymaadraws