Book Publishing

Manuscript editing
After author submits their original manuscript professionally-trained editors at Prolance thoroughly edits and proofreads the Manuscript. Publisher makes minor adjustments based on grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc, but will not make major changes, additions, or eliminations to or from the manuscript without consent of the author. Before submitting the files to the printer the author gives their final approval.
Illustrating & Layout Design
Publisher will hire a third party illustrator/graphic designer chosen in coordination with Author. Publisher will facilitate all contact with the hired illustrator and will draft the contract between Publisher and hired illustrator. Publisher will prepare an illustrator packet outlining any needs or ideas of the Author. Adobe-trained Prolance graphic designers will complete work layout design for the Manuscript.
Publisher will furnish an official copyright from the United States Library of Congress for the Work in the name of the Author. All copies of the Work that are distributed or sold to the public will bear a copyright notice as prescribed by the applicable copyright laws of the United States.
Isbn and barcode
Publisher will furnish Work with a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and barcode.
Publisher will hire a third party printer to print the number of copies desired by author and suitable for proper distribution. There is a bulk printing option and there is also a print on demand option where there are minimal upfront printing fees.
Publisher is responsible for receiving and storing books and shipping out orders to customers.
Publisher will set up a marketing campaign to promote the Work according to the Author’s needs. This includes, but is not limited to:
Organizing a book tour within and around the Author’s home city consisting of up to 5 Author book readings/signings/events with agreement from the Author as to the dates and times. Spreading a launch poster with a book launch date on social media (Facebook page, mass email lists, etc.) Arranging for a press release to applicable news agencies. Work will be displayed for sale at all Publisher booth sales and events.
Publisher will set up an account with a major distributor who will list the book on,,, Barnes and Noble, Chapters & Indigo, and other book retailers.


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"Prolance is flexible in working with clients' schedules and prompt in their responses. Through their work ethic and experience, we received a product we were extremely satisfied with. They have the knowledge and values that are so crucial in editing books and short stories," Sahar Abdel Aziz - Creator of Islam4families.

"Prolance turned a small volunteer writing opportunity into a website that had acquired a life of its own and was able to adhere to specific instructions regarding style and format in record time," Hisham Elkhatib - Creator of MuslimReviewOnline.

"...very thorough editing, they complete the project on time. Their fluent knowledge of Arabic and English proved to be very valuable as well," Dr. Samy Adham - Member of Board of Directors at Pharos
Non-profit Foundation.

"Upon meeting for the very first time, to the end of my journey, Prolance has remained consistent, reliable, and ethically sound. I am blessed to have worked with Prolance, and very satisfied with the end results," Samia Khan - Author of The Shapes of Eid.

"Working with Prolance was the perfect mix between self publishing and the experience of a traditional publisher. They made sure that as an author I had full creative say, while taking care of all of the grunt work involved with publishing. Prolance paved a path for my book to embody my vision, but with a professional touch," - Helal Musleh, Author of Nightly News with Safa.

"Prolance submits meticulous copy with strong writing, detailed editing and reliable and dependable service," Roqaya Ashmawey - Former Deputy Editor at InFocus News.

"...professional, honest, timely, organized, committed, and hardworking. As well as kind and humble who truly gives all that she has to offer. Without Prolance, I would not have been able to publish my book as successfully as I did. Prolance respects and understands the writer's work as creative talent and she makes sure to preserve the artist's talent and integrity. Truly a blessing to work with," Mariam Al-Kalby - Author of The Prophet Says Series.

"I truly enjoyed working with Prolance. Their promptness as well as their savvy and professional advice is helping me achieve my dream," Nayera Salam -
Author of Kids Books by Nayera.