Noor and Leena love popping bubbles - the bigger the bubble, the better the pop! But when they become trapped inside a giant bubble that drifts away, only one friendly acquaintance is able to help them, teaching them a valuable lesson – a little compassion goes a long way.

Large, 30-page, hardcover book

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About the Author:
Sana Malim was born in Toronto to a hardworking Pakistani couple, who immigrated to Canada in the 90’s (the good old times). With an innocent but wild imagination, Sana spent a lot of her free time writing short stories throughout her childhood. Although those stories were lost (thanks to a floppy disc mishap), Sana did not let her dream of becoming an author fade. After completing her Masters in Public Health and perfecting her story-telling skills, she set off to write “Pop! Pop! Pop!” her first children’s book, inspired by her beautiful daughters. Sana currently resides in Toronto with her beloved husband and children. To find out what she’s up to and how she likes her espresso-infused, velvety-smooth-milky coffee, visit her website, or check out her Instagram page @selfcarewithsana.