Noor and Leena love popping bubbles - the bigger the bubble, the better the pop! But when they become trapped inside a giant bubble that drifts away, only one friendly acquaintance is able to help them, teaching them a valuable lesson – a little compassion goes a long way.

Large, 30-page, hardcover book

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About the Author:

Published in the local newspaper for winning a writing competition at 16, Sana knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up – become an author. Her love for writing took her to pursue an academic career in Political Sciences, and later a graduate degree in Public Health, where she honed and perfected the art of story-telling. Upon entering motherhood, Sana realized the need for Muslim representation in mainstream children’s literature and set out to fulfill her childhood dream by penning, “Pop! Pop! Pop!”  inspired by her beautiful daughters and their love for bubbles.

Sana currently resides in Toronto with her beloved husband and children. Check out other titles by the author, and find out what she’s up to by connecting on social media @sanaimalim or by visiting