Live and Learn with Nadia and Ali‭ ‬is a mini-series of books that depicts two Muslim children in their everyday encounters‭. ‬
Nadia and Ali use Islamic values and history as their moral compass to help them navigate their daily lives‭. ‬Follow them as they‭ ‬discover the world around them‭, ‬their identities‭, ‬and their appreciation of the‭ ‬
favors of Allah‭ [‬SWT‭].‬

Book #1

Large, 26-page hardcover book:

Book #2

Large, 32-page hardcover book:
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Sneak Peeks

#1 Family Goals
#2 Make A Splash
The Authors:
Naureen and Afreen are sisters who were born and raised by Bangladeshi parents in Central New Jersey.  Naureen, a lawyer living on the West Coast, and Afreen, a pediatric dentist on the East Coast, are both loving wives and mothers.  Their journey to become closer to Allah (SWT) and help educate their children about Islamic values and history in the context of their daily lives inspired them to collaborate in writing this series.