Assmaa A. Andulsi: The Girl Who is Like No Other is about a modern Muslim American girl. Assmaa thinks she should be more famous than Snow White, Princess Aurora or Cinderella.

Everywhere she goes, she carries two sets of herself. One writes in English from left to right while the other writes in Arabic from right to left. One goes to public school during the week, and the other attends Sunday school at the mosque.  

One admires George Washington and Martin Luther King while the other loves the Prophet Mohamed. These two identities make her different, special, and a girl who is like no other.

Sometimes she struggles to understand others. When she yells at her third-grade teacher for not fasting during Ramadan, super-duper trouble follows. Her mother explains that since her teacher is Christian, she doesn't fast. Since Assmaa didn't know how other people live and believe, others probably don't know much about how her family lives and believes.

She sets up a food drive to teach her fellow students about an important principle called zakat, the act of giving. The story briefly introduces readers to all five pillars of Islam: salat, or prayer; sawm, or fasting; zakat, charitable giving; hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca; and shahada, the declaration of faith.

Paperback Chapter Book
For ages 8-12

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About the Author:
Ali H. Chemkhi is a bilingual author and a first-generation Muslim American who lives in Southern California with his wife and four kids. Some of his previous publications include dozens of short stories and articles in the Arabic language.

Several of his short stories have won awards. He has taught different subjects at several universities in Southern California. He is also a frequent speaker at mosques, interfaith banquets and other community events. Although he has completed a novel in the Arabic language awaiting publishing, he is mostly interested in writing juvenile books in English.

His goal is to create dialogue and nurture mutual respect and cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims Americans.

Cover Design By:
Lamya Sharaby is a children's book illustrator and graphic designer based in Cairo, Egypt.