Whatever you look like, big or small,
The Best of Shapers shaped you all.
Allah made you beautiful.

“Allah Made Me Beautiful” is a lyrical celebration of how Allah created us all uniquely special.
Come join a group of children as they share how much they LOVE a physical feature they have, regardless of what others may think! They know Allah made them so they must be beautiful just as they are. While teaching children to love and accept the form Allah blessed them with, it also encourages them to appreciate the forms of others who are different from them.  “Allah Made Me Beautiful” concludes with a SURPRISE; a mirror for little ones to admire their beautiful little selves, while acknowledging that the most important beauty to nurture is within.
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The Author:
Meet Layla Izruna, a Muslim writer from rainy England now soaking up the sun (reluctantly) in Anaheim, California. Fascinated by people and what makes them different to each other, she made her way to Leeds University and got herself a shiny BSc in Psychology. She is now immersed in the study of Homeopathy, a holistic healing modality that individualizes treatment for every single client. When not deciphering the mysteries of the human mind, she's homeschooling her daughter and devouring kids' books faster than you could eat one of her healthy homemade cookies.
Crafting a unique narrative where psychology, spirituality, and humour intertwine, Layla has penned and performed spoken word, edited for non-profits and published quirky articles on her blog, “Salām in Wonderland”. Her debut board book, "Allah Made Me Beautiful," is a delightful, lyrical ode to individuality and the beauty in divine creation.
The Illustrator:
Laila Ramadhani Ritonga is from Medan, Indonesia. She studied Visual Communication Design in Bandung. She has been an enthusiast of children's book as long as she can remember. She is a freelance illustrator of children's books.